Shark Roping During the 2016 Mullet Run


Fort Pierce Fishing Report – June 12, 2016

Summer is here ! It’s 90° plus most afternoons and the water temp at the mouth of the inlet up Fort Pierce is above 80° it’s means the Tarpon should be here. A pod of decent Poons was spotted by @cwofishing last week and there was a couple good days catching Mackerel and Bonita too.

Inside the inlet and in Fort Pierce Inlet State Park the snook are biting well and the big jacks big barracudas and sharks are in there too.

In the Indian River Lagoon there is lots of bait north and south of the inlet. Reports of flounder trout and giant Snook like this specimen caught by Brad from Fort Pierce on a live pilchard!

Next month should be awesome bait will be showing up in more numbers and we should start seeing the Tarpon regularly. The Snook bite on the beach should also start to pick up so all you fly guys will be able to get a lunker soon.

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Fort Pierce Inlet Fishing Report


This is the bait report for Fort Pierce Inlet weekend of April 30. There are quite a few silver mullet around the edges of the inlet and in the state park. The jacks are beginning to feed on the glass minnows and there are mackerel out in front of the inlet feeding on glass minnows along the outgoing tideline. 


The Snook are beginning to stage in the inlet along the Sewalls and docks. You can catch them on top water lures, suspending twitch baits and of course as always live bait.

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Treasure Coast Bait Report 4/1/16

This is the treasure coast big report for the week ending April 1, 2016. Decent pods of mullet line the Indian River West Shoreline from Fort Pierce to Jensen Beach with the majority of the decent pods closer to Fort Pierce.

  heading back up the east side of the river along South Hutchinson Island, Hermans bay just south of the nuclear plant is an easy place to get access right next to the road. Hermans is holding Pod’s of small to medium mullet as well as pinfish and some smaller greenies.

There are plenty of the usual big black mullet in the mosquito marsh at Bear Point south pump station. And you should be able to find them also at Hidden Creek and Vitalo Family park.

On the West side flats from bear point to the nuclear plant there are lots of medium size pods of mullet greenies and pinfish. We may have to wait a little bit away for sure to reach them and if you’re in a boat make sure you idle across the flat because it is very shallow in this area.

At the Fort Pierce Inlet there is very little bate activity right now reports from the south jetty are that the water conditioners cloudy with very few fish being caught. And at Fort Pierce Inlet State Park there have been spotty reports of bait and Snook on the beach in the corner by the jetty.

 And last but not least all the spillways should be flowing steadily after the rains in the afternoon. These are great spots to catch Snook and Tarpon as they feed upon the freshwater fish that flow through the gates.

   We hope this information helps you catch a fish this weekend so get out there get some bait and catch some decent fish.

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